A call to action for all residents, schools, businesses, organizations, and government.


Join us in creating a planet-friendly and resilient community in Irvine! Together, we can fight climate change while saving money and creating a cleaner, healthier environment!

We are facing an unprecedented changing climate due to human activities.  Fortunately, we have the solutions and technology to live sustainably and reduce the carbon emissions that cause accelerated climate change. Our household activities are major contributors to carbon emissions. Switching to 100% renewable energy, composting, and water conservation strategies are just some examples of what we can do. This program shows us how to implement those solutions and how we can modify our lifestyle to help the environment. 

The great news is that whatever is good for our environment is often good for us, as a community. Living sustainably can lead to healthier lifestyles, cleaner air, and waste and carbon emission reduction. Best of all, innovative solutions and incentives exist to help us save money while saving the planet.  It can be a win, win situation!

Accept the challenge and join many Irvine residents increasing their awareness about sustainable living and making measurable changes they can in their households and communities. It's about doing what we can instead of doing it all. We are stronger as a community and can make a big difference together.

(We understand that the burden of addressing climate change does not rest on the individual alone. Businesses, industry, organizations, and government must match those efforts as well.)